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step 7 : now the real fun part :) ... Lets Play Ball well Vmware :)

on the Opensuse PC log in ( if not already log in )

Gnome Desktop env :
click on the computer icon OR push the start key
than click on more applications


looks for the new applications OR type in the filter box “ vmware” <enter>

than right click on Vmware workstation  add to favourites


To load Vmware : click on the start menu than Vmware workstation from the list
than you get the EULA to read again than you can use Vmware


step 8    PROBLEM : and Fix

i found i get a nice “VFS error : invalid parameters”
but i found a way to fix this on the Novell website click here

Rename in /usr/lib/vmware/lib/


via a terminal windows or putty
as root user

cd /usr/liv/vmware/lib


Thats its
all what that does is rename the folder from to :) thats it

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