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Services :
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Before we start

what we need to get
a DNS name : get one for free from like no-ip or dyndns
IF you dont want SSL on the server
you gotta edit my .conf files to make them work or you going to have an error on them
but it will tell you what line the error is on


this had being tested on
-> OpenSuse ver 10.2
-> Fedora Core ver 6 (I386)
-> ubuntu ver 6.0.6 Server : LAMP

who did what

Written / Rewritten / Tested by ZcWorld
Helped / Tested by Craz1
Tested by Granddad

Check List

what we need
    - > Linux OS ( fc 6 or opensuse )
    - > UnrealIRCD 3.2
    - > anope services
    - > compiler
    - > SU access rights (superuser)
    - > and a LOT of time
    - > and a good signing voice (joke) but im sureyou will be doing a lot of yelling dueing this
    - > water and coffee n something to eat as well (there is a lot of waiting at times. .. when its does the compiling and building )

my setup
i got a personal account on my server pc

SUB Notes :::
if working in an Vm make a bakcup of the OS
just in case it does goes ass up or u can redo the test to make sure you got it down

if its on a real pc .. than arrr goodluck and hope it doest stuff up first time around thats all i can say

NOTE : I do not show you how to edit the Unreal IRCD config and the services files .conf files
so please use the demo ones here to see what i done than read the info in them to see how to edit them

step 1


This is an Listing on : how to add users on
and any missing files that maybe needed

Fedora Core : missing ATM
Unbutn  : and missing tools that we need



step 1 : log in as root user and than type

yast <enter>

step 2 : than pick from the list " security and users " than tab pick group management

step 3 : alt + a than in the group name box type : ircadmin : than alt +a ( make sure you write down what was in there first : normal just users )



step 4 : than alt +u than alt + x than enter on default for new users



step 5 : pick from the list the "ircadmin" as default group : nothing in the secondary groups than ALT + A




step 6 : than ALT + A : than type the full name for the ircadmin account / account name / password than alt + A




step 7 : ALT +F than wait 10 secs than ALT + Q


Fedora Core

arr anyone :: im not sure myself so ;; anyone knows please email me with the steps to do so ..

and missing files

NOTE : i was not that happy when i was writing this page up so ... aree sorry to all the unbuntu lovers out there : i just HATE IT .. that its missing soo many KEY appz / tools that i would of guess that would of being in there

what we need to do
lets get the SOB of an OS to be able to compile and make
we need to get sshd installed first time to be able to work on your box

what we need :

they are all on the cd that you insalled from

step 1
at the PC itself
login as your username and type

sudo passwd root <enter>
and do


su <enter>
password <enter>
apt-get install sshd

once sshd is installed and the root password has being set
lets start up the sshd

/etc/init.d/ssh start

once done .. lets get back to our putty for easy of use :)

apt-get install -y gcc g++ libssl-dev make

( note :: im not sure what gcc its needs so i installed both :) )

Step 2

time to add your ircadmin user or what you want to call him :)

adduser ircadmin

Adding user `ircadmin'...
Adding new group `ircadmin' (1003).
Adding new user `ircadmin' (1003) with group `ircadmin'.
Creating home directory `/home/ircadmin'.
Copying files from `/etc/skel'
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully
Changing the user information for ircadmin
Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default
Full Name []: IRC ADMIN
Room Number []:
Work Phone []:
Home Phone []:
Other []:
Is the information correct? [y/N] y




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Services :
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